In 2023 thanks to funding from the Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development Scheme we were able to upgrade some of our machinery here in the yard and also we set about installing Solar Panels and a Wind turbine to help us reduce our dependency on the grid and allow us to generate our own electricity.

We purchased a new 60 ton travel lift which will replace our existing 50 ton lift which will now allow us to lift out a number of fishing vessels that in the past would not have been able to use our facilities here in New Ross. This has already been of benefit to a number of fishermen who have availed of this already.

We have also replaced one of our older diesel scissor lifts with a brand new Electric Genie Scissor lift, not only  does this help in our aim to reduce or carbon footprint, it is also saving us of running costs as we are producing our own electricity thanks to the solar panels and Wind turbine.

We utilized all available space on one of our storage sheds and fitted 84 solar panels to the roof of it. We got our Solar system installed in April 2023 and almost immediately we have seen our summer electricity bills reduced by over 60%. The savings are much lower as we head into the the winter, but here is where we are hoping that the Wind Turbine will help us. We installed out Wind Turbine in September of 2023 and we have yet to see the over all impact that that will have as of yet, but so far we can see a reduction on both the day and night time units being used compared to the same periods in 2022.

With this funding from BIM we would not have been in a position to go ahead with these projects and we are forever grateful. We were fortunate enough to be able to avail of 50% grant funding  towards all 4 projects.